refund policy
Participants who register for a digital/physical course occasionally change their mind for one reason or another. Regardless of the reason, we believe there should be a definite refund policy for enrollees who decide not to take the course. Refunds for online courses are only given under the following circumstances:

The student/user did not access any portion of the online course AND the student/user requests a refund, in writing via email within three business days from the date of the registration (email notification sent). There will be no refunds for any online courses (or curricula) once a course has been accessed in any manner.

A full refund will be issued less an administrative fee of $500.

All accessed course materials (books, study guides, Self-Study Kits, Videos, etc.) are returned, unopened/unused at your own expense if you accept delivery of the package. There are no refunds for or e-books.

Additional restocking and shipping costs may apply to returned books.

Please understand that with the enrollment and accessing of our program, you have read and agree to the aforementioned refund policy. There are no extensions granted for your course. If you do not complete your course by the end-date on your welcome letter, there will be additional fees for extended access.

At the facilitator’s discretion, you may be granted an opportunity to join another semester.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at
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